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Non-invasive Fat Reduction Using Focused Ultrasound

  • Visible results as soon as 2 weeks
  • Comfortable treatment without heat, cold or discomfort
  • Effectively targets your specific problem areas

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UltraShape® NOW! FDA cleared for abdominal circumference reduction by mechanical disruption of fat cells

Body Shaping via Fat Cell Destruction

The UltraShape works by emitting acoustic waves of ultrasonic energy that converge into a confined focal volume targeting only subcutaneous fat at a controlled depth. Unlike traditional ultrasound technology, UltraShape energy transmits pulsed ultrasound, allowing control over temperature elevation (less than 0.5° C increase) and enabling fat destruction to occur instantly, selectively and mechanically (non-thermal).

UltraShape Advantages

The latest non-invasive alternative that’s clinically proven to reduce localized fat deposits and body circumference to meet the needs of your patients.

  • Clinically proven pulsed (non-thermal) focused ultrasound technology for instant, selective and permanent fat cell destruction
  • Delivers homogeneous fat reduction throughout the treatment area - no irregularities
    Avoid bruising, swelling or downtime with pulsed focused ultrasound technology
  • Comfortable and simple, “walk-in, walk-out” procedure
  • Long-lasting measurable results within just a few weeks
  • High patient satisfaction with no reported adverse eventsduct feature 

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